we have changed this compressor 3 times in 2 years, i would expect this compressor to read less than 1 ohm between legs and show nothing to ground, this compressor pulls massive amps, my meter jumps and does its im thinking thing then goes to 0. the internal overload trips almost instantly. i have never seen one do this. i am worried that the breaker is bad that feeds the unit, slow blow fuses in the disconnect so i see why they don't go but i wouldn't think the breaker would take this.

this also poses another question unit running great when i change compressor:
phase monitor says were all good
its a trane 10 ton can style reciprocating
not burned last time it was pulling high amps (6 more) on one leg normal on other 2 (Im thinking loose wire connection somewhere) so changed all the wiring we could get access to.
no voltage imbalance on the contactor load side between legs or to ground.
new refrigerant every time new driers never any acid so no suction drier expansion valves working like they should checked in heat and cool working well. Package unit weigh in the charge.