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Thread: Gauge accuracy

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    Gauge accuracy

    What is a good way to check your gauges to know they are reading correctly? I usually check them against each other to make sure they read the same against the same pressure, but how do I know if that is correct?

    Anyone have some info on a way to check them to know they are reading correctly?


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    Take a can of R-22 and set in an air conditioned office over night. Take the temperature of the tank, put your gauges on the tank and check the PT. An R-22 at 72 degrees will have a pressure of 125.5 psig at sea level. This is how I checked the refrigerant that I have recovered for non-condensable.

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    zero them out then get a nitrogen regulator set it at 200 psi, connect your hose and see it if reads 200 psi.
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