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Thread: XR13 vs. XL16i

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    I am in the market to replace my old 10 SEER system and have gotten quotes from 4 reputable companies on a new Trane system. The hard part comes in that 2 of the companies think that I will be fine with the 3-ton XR13, and the other two swear that I will be DRAMATICALLY more comfortable with the 3-ton, 2-stage XL16i. Of course, the 16i is 2K more than the 13, so my question is that do you feel that dramatic degree of comfort with the 16i to warrant the extra 2K in cost? Thanks in advance....

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    There will be some comfort advantages. Your budget will have to decide if you can drop $2K on some added comfort and some added electrical savings or whether than money could be put to better use such as insulation or toward windows. The XL16i would require a variable speed indoor unit, is that figured into the premium?

    Most people are perfectly comfy with properly sized single stage equipment. Others feel it is worth it to spend the extra. I have 2 stage gas heat but single stage cool and that's all I want.

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    the 16I is awesome it does have the 410A with it and does qualify for a 300 tax credit and is more efficent has a better warranty and is quiter as long as you have the variable speed indoor unit i would get it i forgot to mention the increased comfort if you can afford it go for it also did you check on the heat pump version? I went dual fuel i live in NE Ohio and have saved a ton on my energy bills

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    If both systems are installed with a variable speed air handler then there won't be any significant difference in comfort. Your energy bills will be lower with the higher SEER system but you should do your own calculation to see if you'll save enough to pay for the system over its expected lifetime. Note that the XR13 + VS air handler = 14.0 SEER.

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    thats not true man the two-stage compressor makes a difference trust me I have this in my house and also many of my customers that love it also its a puch saying that the 13 and variable will give you 14 too many variables to factor in. it gives you alot better humidity control and is also great with my arzel zoning since it is rare that all zones call at the same time

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    "Too many variables"?

    Certificate of ARI-Certified Performance

    The following
    Single Phase, Split System: Air-Cooled Condensing Unit, Coil with Blower
    Outdoor Unit Model Number: 2TTR3036A1
    combined with
    Indoor Unit Model Number: TWE040E13
    manufactured by: THE TRANE COMPANY
    under the Trade/Brand Name: XR13
    has been rated in accordance with
    ARI Standard 210/240-2005 for UNITARY AIR-CONDITIONING AND AIR-SOURCE HEAT PUMP EQUIPMENT and is certified by the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute to meet the following product performance ratings:

    Cooling Capacity (Btuh): 38000
    SEER Rating (Cooling): 14.00

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    leaking duct work isnt figured in there neither is proper sized duct work and proper refridgerent charge also all coils being clean and filters also proper airflow the ratings you have are in a perfect world which we do not live in my friend

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    Another thing to consider is:
    Is your current system a 3 ton? and does it provide adequate cooling/heating??? If not, you may want to ask your HVAC contractor if your ductwork can handle going up to a 4 ton unit and utilizing the AWESOME powers of the Dual stage XL16i.

    P.S. I am living the dream of owning an XL16i system and am extremely fortunate that I let the salesman talk me into it, as I WAS considering cheaper/less efficient units...

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    Originally posted by thomefan2579
    and does qualify for a 300 tax credit
    you sure about that? my distr. only has the 15i gas heat as qualifying for the tax credit.

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    The answer your looking for is, Yes, you will be confortable with either system...if its installed correctly. Sounds like your wanting to do your homework before you select a new system, good thinking. Has any of your bidders said anything about doing a load caculation on your home , just to see what size system is really needed. Maybe a 3 ton is too big for your home, or with a few added home improvements you can go down to a 2.5 ton. ??? If your wanting to truely know what size system is best for your home, have them run a load cal. to find out. 13 vs 16, ?? Well the 16, like others here have said will need the variable speed air handler, these are very good units and very quiet, the control boards in these units gives your various things you can do with just a simple change of a dip switch. If you was planning to stay in this home for years down the road, then I`d opt. to go with the 16. But if your going to sell in a few years.....go with the 13. Why should you pay upfront if someone else will reap the benefits down the road.

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    yeah im sure a/c's 15 seer and above qualify go to energy and thats where i pulled the info

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    Get the XR 13 paried with a variable speed airhandler and save yourself some money.

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    city it wont save him moeny it will cost him more long term the 16 will pay for it self as far as the upgrade goes within a few years usually are you even a professional?

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