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    im in baltimore, working commercial hvac , i started at 12/hr got into apprenticeship program through ABC and now at almost 20 per hour 2 years later , put in the work they will notice , pay attention to detail and keep yourself neat as you represent your new company good luck and be safe.

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    This is true about bad companys. I see guys pick up bad habits and it's harder
    To unlearn than to teach someone from scratch sometimes.
    I started at a modest hrly rate. If I calculated the hrs I work to how much
    I make now it would be somewhere around $50 an hour. 2 years resi retro fitter for a #1

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    Quote Originally Posted by acm1ke View Post
    I made 10 bucks an hour about 5 years ago... with ot.. Now that the economy is screwed.. Not much folks....

    A bad , I mean a bad time to be a green horn in HVAC.. No commercial, very little new construction, and to be in residential, you have to have a clue... LOL the car salesmen are getting caught...!!!
    I beg to differ, this is a good time to be new to the trade. Right now I work 40+ hours a week in this slow economy. I was lucky to work with top notch Journeymen as an apprentice in school and they taught me not only how to do this job but how to always stay busy during the slow times. The market is slow, but the guys that are working right now, are working because they are the best at what they do! The slow times are when the not so good techs get their pink slips. Good entry level helpers are hard to find. If you prove you are willing to do what it takes to learn and you understand that this is not just a job but a career, you will have a job. Its not all about the paychecks, learn from the best to become the best and the paychecks will always be there. Good Luck!
    I have done so much with so little for so long, that now I can do almost anything with nothing at all.

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    I agree GoColts. We're busy, because we're out there creating work to fill our time. And when we do that effectively, and the weather cooperates, we become BUSY. and some of us love to be busy because we know the whole shop benefits from it.

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    there are many factors to consider too... not every tech fresh outta school is gonna make decent $. If you went to school to pass the course and get a cert you might get minimal as opposed to a guy who went to school asked EVERY question possible to figure out everything they could, studied the trade, practiiced on their own time.... Just going to the classes is a waste of time unless you honestly try to be the best you can. This trade is alot like football, knowing the basics and fundamentals is a good start, but you need to push yourself to be the best you can possibly be in order to get the bigger paycheck.

    Hell, before school I worked for a company that payed me $20/hr just because I was the type of person that NEEDED to know WHY things happened. (and I was far from a dumbass) But, put in your dues, you'll get paid.

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    I started at 11 two years ago and now im over 15. how ever I know other guys that graduated with me who work for differant shops and they still are making 10-11 and doing just as much work as I am. I dont ride with others on calls, however some times I will be on two man jobs and I always assume the helper position on those jobs seeings the other tech is a more experience tech. I think that is just more of a respect thing really.

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    $12-14 an hour I currently am a helper making 12 and my previous one had me at 13

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