Three strings walk into a saloon and sit down at a table. First string says
"I'll go get the drinks" and walks up to the bar. "Bartender, I'd like three
whiskeys please!" The bartender tells him "I'm sorry but we don't serve strings
here, you're gonna have to leave!" The string gets angry and tells his buddies
what the barkeep said.

Second string gets up and angrily proclaims "I'll take care of this!" Walks up
to the bar and pounds on the bar saying "Barkeep! I want three whiskeys and I
want them now!" Barkeep says to him "I'm sorry, but like I told your friend we
don't serve strings here. I'm gonna have to ask y'all to leave!" Second string
stomps back to his two companions and tells them what happened.

Third string says "I'll take care of this" He reaches down and ties him self in
a knot and takes a comb and shreds the end, he then walks up to the bar.
"Bartender," he says,"I'd like three whiskeys please." Bartender looks at the
string and says "Hey! Aren't you a string?" String says "No sir, I'm a frayed