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    Unhappy Replacing Suburban Ceiling Mounted System

    Hi All,

    I live in a condo, lower unit, and currently have an electric Suburban system (heating and AC). The system has been having issues lately so I've been told it needs to be replaced. However, they said that these systems have been discontinued and they can't find a replacement unit that can be mounted in this space in the ceiling.

    Has anyone had any similar experiences? What are your recommendations? Is there any other system that has been designed to replace these suburban ceiling mounted units?

    Thanks a lot for your help and please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Some additional information

    So, the unit I currently have is a:

    GE Suburban, BAY 96X3118

    And the dimensions of the space to install the new ceiling mounted air handler are:

    50.5 inches (length), 22.5 inches (width), 18 inches (depth)

    I would appreciate any suggestions.



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    First Company and Goodman come to mind

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    Tks a lot! Any specific models come to mind?

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