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    pulsating buzz in scroll

    6 year old Lennox 10ACC unit. Runs good but makes a pulsating buzz at the compressor. Not the fan. Sorry for this: sounds like zzt, zzt, zzt, ... pulses about 118 times per minute. Hosing down the outside coil seems to quite it for a minute or two. Unit is level and working well.


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    Sounds like a harmonic sound. Look for loose sheet metal or fan guard. This is a builder's model, lower end unit and will be noisy. Look for something loose on unit such as the control box cover.

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    Thanks for the advice. A nearby wall was re-stuccoed and a bunch of the stuff fell into the cabinet. It was after I cleaned out the mess that I found I still had a buzz. Coil grille was also noisy but that's not it either.

    Unit is in service and it's been hot as he** lately. When I can I'll try a brief run with the cabinet open again and check the mountings thoroughly.

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