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    Smile Server room: Heat gain calculation

    Hello to anyone who reads this.
    I'm going to try and convince my boss to let me do the heat gain calculation for our overloaded server room. I just recently took the HRAI Heat Loss/Heat Gain course, but this would be my first attempt at assessing a room load.

    I was planning on purchasing right-suite ( Canadian version of wrightsoft)
    to help with the calculation and sketch out the room.

    Grateful for any input on what I should watch out for calculating loads of electronics !

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    Nearly all of the server and UPS manufacturers these days have a spec listed for max heat produced in BTU/hr in their literature. If not, you can make a rough guesstimate based on the power consumed by the equipment, as most of that power is going to be turned into heat...

    Heat loads when the power goes out are a more interesting issue, as when the power goes out, you'll likely lose your climate control unless you have something to keep the cooling equipment going. Couple that with the higher BTU output of the UPS's when they are on battery, and you could have a real problem if you have an extended outage (depending on how much heat load is in the room, and how much space there is to 'soak' the heat until the batteries run out or the power comes back on).

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    I use Wrightsoft for load calculations. It is all right. Just make sure you get the version (or addon or whatever they call it) that allows you to do commercial load calculations.

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