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    The Toyota Prius is a much better hybrid car, more room inside, smooth driving, the Toyota company has made many improvements to make even the production of the car more green, the car will charge the battery from the friction of the roters spinning....and the car is much much cheaper than the Volt.

    Sorry if you wanta buy American but Toyota builds a better and cheaper car, not to mention a lot of the money spent in production of that car was traded in US dollars AkA oil get over it.
    If the VOLT had been in production for over a decade... it would be more refined and a nicer car than it is now... ALL cars improve with age...

    In many ways the VOLT is a better car... I can say that because I have driven a VOLT, and my brother has a Prius. Personally, if I were in the market for one of these (I am not), I would prefer the VOLT... not at $40K though. I would pay around $30K for a VOLT if I really needed a car like that.
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