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    Had a bad saturated evap temp sensor T-6 on circuit B. Got the new sensor and it came with a new fitting for the barrel, not a well, sensor would get direct contact. The old sensor was in a well. I called Carrier (local rep) and beleive it or not but the guy couldn't give me a straight answer. He didn't know if the new sensor shoild go right into the old well or if the well had to be removed for this new fitting. I tried getting the sensor in the well and it seemed like it didn't want to go, even with the thermal grease on it. I pumped the circuit down, pulled the well and put this new fitting on with new sensor. Fits nice and snug, doesn't leak (for now) but it's in direct contact with the refrigerant. Was I supposed to use that fitting or the well? Anyone know?

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    All the sensor's on the 30GT are in a well except the entering water sensor, it is direct immersion. Make sure you have the right sensor.

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    old sensors had a well, new sensor no well

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    It should be in direct contact with the refer.

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    Thanks for the replies. It eased my mind about it. I was at another site yesterday with some newer Carrier RTU's and saw the exact same thing so I knew it was right.

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