So I see a lot of post about these things so I thought I would photo document the repair I did this morning on a Carrier 10 ton, Circuit 1. I also wanted to show how relatively easy it is to change these things out.

First pic is me holding the replacement part.

Second the instructions.....tossed them right after I took the pic. It was a 40 foot roof and a windy day so I expect they're in Corpus Christi now. I live in Houston. I don't need Carriers help.

This is the offending article. Bottom header. Notice the "imps" ? I got impatient and broke out my set of Kline dikes and made quick work of the rest of the tubes cutting after the crimped in orifice.

Header is cut away from the coil. Cut it away from liquid line and now it's time to remove the stubs. Used a #1 tip, low heat and a set of channel locks.

This is the Evap coil minus it's fixed orifice header and the stubs and it's ready for the new header assembly.

New header lined up but not sweated in. A little adjustment and it fit like a glove.