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    Bettis Actuators

    Anyone used these and what's your take on them?
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    I have seen them used once before in a chiller plant which also had Keystone actuators. As far as service I never had a problem with them sticking, etc unlike the keystone. I asked the original project manager and he said the Bettis were more expensive but seemed to have less issues then the keystone.


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    We have a few hundred of them and they work very well. We also have the Keystone actuators. It is really an either or both work equally well if not a little better with the Bettis

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    We have used them a bunch of times as mentioned above, usually in chiller plants on condenser water and chilled water piping with Keystone and Bray valves and never had any problems. If I remember they have a few models that offer quite a bit of torque.

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