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    Cool Comparison

    I have to replace my Rheem furnace. I have 2 estimates: 1) is for a Rheem Model No. RGTM-07ERBGS , two stage with ECM Blower motor, 75000 BTU downflo propane furnace. This also includes a new A-Coil n cabinet to existing air conditioner which is a high efficiency Tappan whole house air condition.
    The 2nd is for a Trane XV 95, two stage variable speed, 80000 BtU downflo propane furnace. They do not
    new A- Coil.

    My questions:
    How do these units compare with each other?
    What would be the unit you would choose to heat approximately 2000 sq. ft.?

    I am at a loss as to what to do. One unit is quite expensive although it can receive 50% off with government funding. The other unit does not receive any funding but is more reasonably priced n includes the A-coil and complete installation including new propane line n tank.
    I am a widow, on a fixed income, who wants not to worry about heating n cooling my home.
    Thanks for your help

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    Why the new coil? Was the Tappan put on an old coil and they want to put in something that matches better?

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    The new coil is because the previous furnace was an upflow and it's being replaced with a downflow unit.

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