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    Live in SW PA, No Gas or Propane, Heatpump questions / Mini Split Questions

    Okay guys and gals. I live in South Western PA. House is a two-story with basement. Heat pump is a circa 1984 Carrier unit that is on its last leg! First two floors are 2072sy consisting of 4 bedrooms upstairs, and FR, LR, DR, Kitchen on 1st floor. I have a heat-pump with supplemental strip-heat and have the same concerns that everyone else has...... too hot in the summer (upstairs), too cold in the winter (upstairs). I really don't believe this is a situation that needs to remain reality. We had some measurements taken, the equipment is sized correctly, but had one installer say that the trunk lines were too small. Air was noisy and without proper velocity.

    My questions are:

    Can I replace the equipment as is with newer more efficient equipment, and add some Tjernlund duct booster fans to help push the air to the second floor?

    Are Mini-splits out of the question? I really like the idea of being able to adjust each room independently! Attic access is perfect upstairs, Basement with a drop ceiling currently! I like the idea of making the duct-work go away!

    What are your thoughts? I want to keep in the $ or less area!


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    I would recommend 2 ducted systems one for the first floor and one or the second floor.probably will exceed your budget. One thing to consider is mini splitunits do not have heat strips

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    Unless you win the lottery mini-splits will dissolve your matrimony and she'll end up in prison because she killed you because you spent the retirement funds. The duct booster fans are a viable option. The best solution of course is TWO SEPERATE SYSTEMS. And I will not back down from this particular opinion.
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    If the existing system is not currently in need of replacement then one option would be to add a system for the second floor now and to replace the first floor unit when you can afford to in the near future.

    Another possible alternative depending on the existing duct layout would be to replace the current system with a new system and to separate the first and second floors into two different zones. Based on the comment regarding the existing trunk lines you may have to reconfigure them anyway.

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