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Thread: need a new unit

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    need a new unit

    As you can see from my screen name, my unit isn't working! After 2 months of dealing with our a/c company trying to fix our 3ton tappan/Nordyne for $, I've given up hope.
    We need a new unit. I do believe that the AC company may be responsible for most of the problem. I paid them to install a new condenser fan motor/blade and they installed the wrong one, which broke loose and created a horrible noise as it punched and scarred up all the fins around the inside of the unit and came to a grinding halt. They replaced it with the right part and put in a new run capacitor but it runs all the time and can't keep up with the demand. It is set at 73 degrees but the temp is 80... I have turned it off for now, hoping to save it for nighttime. The ac company removed the sticker off the side of the unit and now it is difficult for anyone else to determine the specs on the old thing. They also used gorilla glue to hold the lid down and lessen the vibration. I'm pretty confident it's not a very good unit and I hate to throw anymore money at a 10+/year unit.
    Anyway, my neighbor got a trane 19i and paid around $ 2 years ago (included federal rebate). So I started my search for a Trane thinking it's a well known brand and a brand name may be helpful when we sell the house in 2-3 years.
    The range in pricing for a 16i is startling.. from $! To complicate matters further, one of the dealers also sells Rheem 16 Seer for $.
    I'm not sure which one to go with. I have heard that Trane is all aluminum vs the copper coils in a Rheem. I live on the west coast of florida and salt air is
    very destructive. Do you think Trane is marketing their all in one alum. coil because it's a lot cheaper than copper these days, or is it truly a better product?
    I am so OVER having my a/c unit demanding my attention. Do you all recommend buying the labor warranties, too? Any suggestions on how to select a reputable dealer?
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    Get references.

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