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    We're in the process of signing a contract for a new build, and need some help. Is it worth $2500 to upgrade from a 80% Lennox to a 92% Lennox furnace? As of late, we were told that a 13 sear Lennox AC is standard, so it would not be upgraded, just the furnace.

    Any thoughts???

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    I don't know where you live, but if you have your heart set on gas ask for a dual fuel setup. Keep the 80% furnace and install a heat pump insted of an A/C.
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    Definitely something to ask if you are in a decent climate and don't have hideous electric rates. That's a monster premium for the 90 over the 80 See if they'll upgrade to a heat pump without gouging. Probably not

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    Sorry, guess our location would have helped. We're in the Kansas City metro area.

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    What is your electric rate?

    Is the 80% AFUE gas furnace 2 stg var speed?

    If gas heating is to be your main source of heating(as opposed to a dual fuel system-heat pump paired with 80% gas furnace), then it is my opinion that an 80% gas furnace is a poor choice.

    BTW, I think the cost of the upgrade is over the top.
    How bout post some model numbers.

    My opinion.

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    what model numbers are they offering?

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    I appreciate the quick feedback. Here is the entire story, which I tried to shorten on my original message for timesake.

    We already signed the contract in Jan. We added the upgrade to the contract for $2500. This upgrade included the 92% furnace, and 13 seer AC, and Aprilaire. On doing a walk-thru today, I asked the AC man if the furnace was in fact what we had upgraded to, and he told me it was the 80%. It had been in for several weeks, and he had not installed it, he was installing the AC, a 13 seer. On contacting the builder, he said it must have been a mistake, and would change the 80% to the 92% as in the contract. As for the AC, when the contract was signed, a 10 seer was standard. Since that time, the 13 has become standard, therefore, there will be no upgrade to the AC, only the furnace. What are my options at this point? If I do not contact him in the next several days, the 92% will be installed, and I will pay the $2500 as it was in the original contract. Is my back against the wall at this point?

    If anyone wishes to contact me by telephone to help me out, I would be open to this as well.

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    thats awful steep for an upgrade. you would have to check your rates to determine best option for you. builders do have a habit of raping homebuyers on every option they can.

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    The way I read it the $2500 is to upgrade the AC from 10 SEER to 13 SEER, the Heat from 80% to 92% and add a Humidifier? I would guess at some point they will see that the 13 SEER was installed instead of the 10 and ask for an upgrade fee anyway. 13 SEER costs more than 10 SEER did.

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