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    Heat pump (Bryant) in CT?

    I was hoping for some constructive thoughts about heat pumps (i.e., specifically Bryant)... here is some info...

    House in CT is well built, insulated, etc. (I had energy audit done and made some minor adjustments), 24 years old with original Burham hot water oil burner (parts replaced and works well) and Lennox 4 ton A/c unit.

    Thinking of replacing the Lennox. One company measured house, etc. and said the new Bryant AC/heat pump units can work well near single temp digits. If true<?> once I see the numbers I can figure out if I save any oil costs and go for a combo AC/heat pump vs just a replacement AC unit (current Lennox seems to work OK). However another guy told me that heat pumps only work well under the 40s. I once lived in south and they did seem to not work well below 40 (and electric coils come on).

    Any thoughts/experience with the Bryant?

    Oh, I will be solar so generate my own electricity.


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    The new Carrier Greenspeed (don't remember what Bryant calls their same unit) can provide heat down to 0F. Its' not cheap. But neither is fuel oil. Depending on your electric rates, even if it does use hte heat strips, it still might be cheaper than oil.

    However, you will lose your radiant heat, which is considered more premium and confortable. You might still consider using hte boiler in the coldest months to supplement the heat pump and still give some nice radiant heat. It stil have 15-20 years more service life.

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