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    Hi all,

    I have a question concerning an AC installation. I currently had my new AC unit installed and the contractor who is a close friend installed the unit using mounting brackets and installed the unit a few feet off the ground?

    My question, why do the majority of contractors use a patio stone and install the units on the ground instead of keeping the unit off the ground? are there pros and cons to this?

    Thanks all, great forum to post and to read.

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    Different methods are used in different areas.

    Some areas the unit is on a pad at groundlevel. Most in Austin are that way.
    Other areas it is raised a few feet to get keep a heat pump from being buried under snow. It may also keep grass clippings from being blown into the outdoor coils.
    I'm sure more differences exist in practices. Heck, in some cities in Arizona, they install it on the roof.

    Ask your friend, I'm sure he'll tell you why he chose the elevated installation.

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