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    Hi Smikeyg, I'm having he same issue as you and I was hopping to see if you found the solution for your issue and If you can help me out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smickeyg View Post
    I did an commission. Same results as I had. The program ID is the same for all devices. 56 41 56 31 01 06 00 00

    What is the program ID?

    Here is screenshot of what the JACE is discovering.
    can someone help me with the same issue

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    I am wondering if anyone has successfully integrated series 1 vav controllers into AX. I have a site with 2 zone managers with about 35 controllers on each. I tried the router as mentioned in previous threads but subsequent threads indicate all sorts of steps. Has anyone successfully done this and if so can you contact me?
    thank you

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