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    Where's my attic ventilation?

    I had an attic fan installed years ago, but I've been wondering if I have proper attic ventilation to make it work effectively. The only attic ventilation that I see are exhaust vents. My condo unit is on the second floor with my attic above me. There is no gable vent or ridge vent. The only place there could be intake ventilation is in the eaves between the first floor and my unit. There do seem to be vents there. Would these vent through the walls into the attic somehow? The insulation in the attic seems to go all the way to the edge, and I don't see any vents there unless they are covered with insulation.

    I saw the other thread, but I can't post in it. I've been wondering about this business of pulling air conditioned air into your attic vs. preventing hot attic air from heating your living space. I read where the University of Illinois in Chicago did a study that showed most attic fans do not reduce cooling costs enough to pay for the electricity needed for their operation. I also read that they can pull air in from a nearby exhaust vent instead of circulating air through your attic. In my case, I don't think it hurt, and it may have helped somewhat, but nothing super dramatic. I have trouble keeping the temperature from rising in the late afternoon as it gets direct sun from the west. I had all the windows replaced, and even installed fancy heat mirror sliding doors on the west side. The place was built in the 70s, and I only have a few inches of insulation, and probably need a lot more. I haven't found any major leaks, but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

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    If what you have described is accurate, then you most likely dont have a properly ventilated attic...BUT dont worry! most people dont!
    if you dont have humidity issues, a great way to keep that heat out is radiant barrier.

    i think thats the site anyway. it works pretty well and will make your home more comfortable if high attic temps are the culprit

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