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    I was just wondering if anybody could give me a little insight on the hvac trade. I am about half way through school to get my certificate I already have my epa universal card and I plan on getting an associates degree wich will take about another year. I have been looking at the different jobs available and I have noticed that every job out there wants experience. How do you get experience if no one will hire you because you have no experience? Right now I am in a government sponsored program for laid off workers that pays for your schooling and allows you to draw unemployment for up to two years, but I would like to get a little experience before my unemployment runs out so that I could actually get a job or else I am going to be in the poor house. I live in the St.louis area and since I am drawing unemployment I could aford to work really cheap just to get some experience. Also, if anybody knows, about what percent of the people who take these hvac classes actually end up working in the trade? The reason I am asking is that is seems like there is a lot of people in my classes just at my school alone and I was wondering if the job market can actually handle all of them, not to mention all the other schools in the area.

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    You can very well answer your own question by reading the many posts from experianced tecks and owners written before you.
    There will always be a hvac job for someone in every town at any time, you just have to "want" one. Every shop no matter where always has room for a good man.
    You seem to have the right attitude already and that`s more than half the battle.
    First , be realistic about the time you could work hrs.etc. be honest with the prospective employer,telling him your position/skills/schooling, Always show up for work and do the hours, no matter what. Do whats asked of you first, listen, then ask questions later. This may be your first and lifetime company or you may quit or get fired by him, most of us have been there.
    One thing, if you stick to this field and try to learn the trade you will never get bored.
    Best of luck

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