Guys...I hope I'm not breakin the forum rules...I really appreciate all the help,everybody has pretty much been right...the AMH8 CAN run as a 1 stage unit(and yep that's where mine is set)..this is a HUGE relief to me, this winter I can try the 2 stage mode, and if I don't like it, just go back to one stage. Also I found in the owners manual where it said "4 speed fan", but looking at the electrical diagram and also reading the sequence of events for Heating/ cooling, it's obvious that there are 2 heat and 1 cool on this unit...also only the variable speed 2 stages can do the de-humidify function...I actually feel a lot better about this, my old man told me to go with a 1.5 ton AC, will probably find out today how the 2 ton does(93F)...I can't believe how much stronger this unit blows compared to the old (1979 Tappan) as far as it being oversized, yeah...I'm worried...tho I do have alot of windows tho and sliding glass door in back. also I think the ducts to my upstairs rooms are little small...BTW guys I am going to have a licensed HVAC guy (that my dad knows) just come and look over the installation...there are a few things I think "aren't right" but I'm not sure...sorry I freaked out so much about this, but lets just say there are "reasons" I'm on SSD, thanks 4 being so next steps are going to be: 1)buy a port dehumid cold rated for the basement 2) ask that Hvac guy to install a honeywell IAQ to control my humidifier(HE225A)...I HATE fussing with those "outside temp humidity knobs" I'm not sure what to do about Andy's Statewide, they didn't really "F" me here, but they did tell some definite "fibs" along the way...It prolly does no good to complain, but I'm very bummed as I thought these guys would "have my back" here...oh I also have to mention the that yesterday I noticed it seemed more humid in the house, and thought the new AC not as good dehum., but then I realized/remembered that the HUMIDIFIER was ON!!! I'm such a retard!!LOL least I know the humidifier works..PEACE and THNKS