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    Weil-McLain boiler madness

    We have a Weil-McLain propane boiler that has been giving us a hard time for decades. We've had techs look at it many times and it seems like they've replaced almost everything without help.

    What happens is that sometimes when the boiler calls for hot water, it goes into it's cycle where the power vent kicks on, it attempts to light, fails, then locks up. We often wake up or come home to the power vent running and we then reset the boiler and it fires fine and works as it's supposed to.

    Our tech Larry is coming tomorrow, and I know he's been scratching his head trying to find things to check. He often runs into the syndrome of it working fine while he's here, but he has seen it malfunction before. He says it shouldn't and that everything is set as it should be, but we still wake up with a cold house sometimes, or in the summer take showers to find the water turning cold because it's out.

    I was wondering if any of you guys have run into something like this or have ideas I could suggest to him? It's a model HE-4, series 3 if that helps.

    Don't worry about me touching anything, it's propane and I respect it, and I won't touch anything on it myself. I just am hoping I can give Larry some possibilities to check out.


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    Are you talking about the "powerventer/fan" on the unit? or a field added model?

    Ignitor ohms and proper clearance to burner?

    Gas manifold pressure correct?

    I also believe this has a casting/heat exchanger cleanout behind the panel that all of the controls are mounted to. Over the years the passages started gettting clogged - causing a restriction, so sometimes when it lights it will kick out the pressure switch - seen it many times.

    Combustion reading in the flue?

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    how is it vented? May be tripping on presure switch
    flame senser may need to be cleaned often if the gas isnt burning properly

    If it has the wrpilot sensor with the 45sec delay the secondary air needs to come through the bottom with the side front shield in place properly

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    I was talking about the power vent in the wall. That was replaced last year.

    Larry was over today and checked everything over, and cleaned the burners and resealed the case. He tested it over a dozen times and it didn't fail once. I guess we'll see if it's ok now, although I doubt it since nothing was fixed.

    Thanks for the help, by the way.

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