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    Sure Comfort Air Conditioner

    I'm in need of replacing a central air unit at our former residence that we're putting on the market. I've gotten quotes from contractors with good reviews; each quoting different brands, including Lennox, Trane, Heil, York, and Sure Comfort, all in the 13-14 SEER rating range. The lowest price by a significant margin has been for a Sure Comfort unit rated at 13 SEER. I don't know much about Sure Comfort, other than that it is apparently part of the Rheem line, probably at the lower end. I would appreciate any insight any of the pros on this forum could provide into quality of the Sure Comfort line or experience with it?

    A related question is that my old Rheem AC unit was marked as 3.5 ton on outside of the box. However, the Copeland scroll compressor was identified as 4 ton. All of the contractors quolted 3.5 ton replacements, except one who quoted a Heil unit and said he believes I should go with a 4 ton unit (although he also gave me a price for 3.5 ton unit). When I questioned going up in size, he made some rough measurements and confirmed that he felt comfortable with the 4 ton unit recommendation and that he didn't feel that the bump was significant enough to be concerned about creating any issues in dehumidifying (none of the others made any measurements and none did any heat load calculations). The finished area of the house is about 2100 sq ft, including one upstairs bedroom and bathroom), and is located in the Kansas City area. I do have experience with this particular contractor with installing a couple of furnaces for me, and he has good reviews through Angie's List (as do the others that I received quotes from). I would also appreciate any comments on pros/cons of bumping the AC size up by the 0.5 ton capacity.

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    The Sure Comfort is a "value" Rheem. Just a Mexican builder model. They work OK if put in properly.

    If you go bigger in capacity, to gain much you'd need to add to your duct system as well. Rarely we find enough ductwork to support what a home has let alone going bigger.

    Sounds like a guy you've had good results from in the past is the way to go.

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    Post compressor model number.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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