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    Warm air from vents

    Like the title states. I came back from dinner last night, warm air. Fan was running on condensor. Shut off for the night. Morning same thing and no cold pipes anywhere from outside to the furnace a-coil inside. For giggles I replaced the capacitor cause i go through one every 2 years, and replaced the contact cause it looked like crap. Same thing. I realized after about 30 mins that I wired the compressor and motor fan wrong on the capacitor. I corrected the problems but seems like the compressor isnt coming on. I dont know if the thermal protector kicked on from wiring it worng, but i cooled it off with a hose and its breaker has been on for about 3 hours now. I took the cap connector off or plug to the compressor and ohmd c/r c/s r/s. when it ohmd it started high but rested at like 3. Im confused and out of ideas.

    still warm air blowing.. guess i shoulda check if compressor was on last night but i dont know.

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    Sounds like you have exhausted your DIY skills, time to call a pro with a higher skill set!
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    With your post I am willing to bet the compressor is done.

    May be because of what you did, maybe not.

    I agree with damien, you have exhausted your DIY skills and now you need to call in a pro.
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