I live in Las Vegas so during the summer the HVAC, on my roof runs quite a bit. I have 2 packaged units on my roof. One is pretty much stock except for the fan control board I had to replace. This one does not have a vibration issue. The other one is a differant story. I had to replace the condenser fan motor. The first time I did not replace the fan blade. It seemed noisier than the other unit. I did notice that the condenser fan shroud was warped from the heat. I just installed the fan below this warped section. After a while I wanted to see if I could fix the noise. I bought a new motor and a new fan blade. I used a heat gun and softened the shroud and somewhat straightened the warped section. I installed the universal motor, had to shorten the shaft cause it hit the compressor. Installed the new fan blade and the noise almost seems worse. It almost appears like the top grill, where the motor mounts is pulsating up and down. Could this shroud be the case of this? Can I just remove this shroud? Im looking for a used shroud and grill now.

Comfort-aire or Inter City Products - pgaa36c1k4 about 15 years old