shark bites have saved my ass way too many times .. here's a couple of examples;

once i had to remove a system from an industrial unit .. the idiot that built the system had hooked up the make up water into the fire sprinkler system .. i'd shut off the main water supply but the sprinkler shut off was locked in another part of the building .. i cut into the near boiler piping and all hell broke loose .. shoved a 65 gallon garbage can under the torrent and ran to the truck and back just before it overflowed .. shark bite ball valve to the rescue

another time i had to rebuild a system installed in a cottage in the middle of nowhere .. the original retard heating contractor had put the feed lines for a manifold right where the concrete foundation wall met concrete slab ceiling and right beside a huge steel support beam .. of course then an electrician had put a drill through the pex a quarter inch from the wall .. there weren't any of those milwaukee expanders back then, and it was too tight to get the manual expander in there, once again, hats off to shark bite

i don't build systems with shark bites, but in a pinch you can't beat them