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    After power cut, no cold air

    I accidentally shut off the power at the circuit breaker for my furnace (not condenser) while looking for the circuit for something else. The a/c was on.

    After turning the power back on, my a/c was not blowing cold air and the unit outside was not on. I went back to the circuit breaker and the double circuit for the a/c condenser was not all the way to off, but not all the way to on either, like it had been triggered off.

    I flipped it to ON and turned the A/c on. The condenser turned on, but no cold air. I also heard a surge every few minutes. I have always heard a surge when first turning the a/c on.

    I repeated turning the a/c on/off from the thermostat and still room temp air.

    Any ideas? Could cutting the power to the furnace but not the condenser fried something?

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    Your compressor isn't running.
    Call for service and you'll be nice and cool in no time
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2old2rock View Post
    Your compressor isn't running.
    Call for service and you'll be nice and cool in no time

    Try this, turn off the A/C at the thermostat. Let it sit for an hour or so, then try turning it back on. If it does come back on you MAY be okay, if it does not come back on a service call will be needed.
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    When I looked at it closer, it was a burnt wire/connector in the a/c unit going to the capacitor. Once I cleaned up the wire and reattached it, it worked fine.

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