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    polyurethane foam insulation

    hello experts,

    i just got a simple question. If an AHU frame is aluminum extrusion frame, is it possible to leave those frames without any insulation from inside? (fiberglass or polyurethane foam insulation). Besides, nothing like cold-bridge or thermal break is applied.

    The AHU is double walled with polyurethane foam insulation.

    how bad can that be? or its ok?

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    Climate region and more detail on the construction?
    Regards TB
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    Quote Originally Posted by teddy bear View Post
    Climate region and more detail on the construction?
    Regards TB
    Aluminium Frame Extrusion. The unit frame construction shall consist of nylon glass-fiber reinforced corner-joints that connect extruded aluminium profiles. The aluminium frames shall be gasketed along the perimeter with closed cell heavy duty neoprene rubber gasket located in between panels and the aluminium frames.

    Climate region is KSA. Around 50 degrees in summer or even a bit more.

    is any insulation inside the frames needed?

    please advise

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    I take it that KSA, is in Saudi. And summer temp of 50, is 50C/122F?
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    This sounds like it could be a typical thermally broken construction. The panels would overlap the frame on the unit interior so the frame isn't exposed to the air stream and the neoprene gasket helps break things a bit. If you're in Riyadh, for example or the AHU is indoors it doesn't matter that much, but in Jeddah or Makkah, for example it's a bigger issue due to the humidity. You can get external condensation on the AHU without a break. You can also run a strip of plenum rated armaflex over the exposed frame inside the AHUs if they get to the field with thru metal construction and you need to thermally break them. Nothing to be gained by foaming the voids in the frame rail extrusions.

    Is this for KAFD by any chance?
    I hope I helped!

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    Thanks alot guys

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