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Thread: Motor Grounded

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    Motor Grounded

    Go to a w/i freezer call to find a frozen over coil. I put the timer into defrost and find one of two evaporator fans running half speed (208-230) and the other full speed. Solenoid valve still energized so no pump down. Compressor still running. Long story short........ends up that the grounded motor (one running half speed ) was sending voltage back to the second ones dead side ( because the clock was in defrost mode and opens that side of the motor ) therefore allowing it to get the 208-230 voltage. Also grounded that first motors common side giving it half voltage. The feedback was powering up the open side of the solenoid as well. I went back with a new motor and everything worked as normal. Why do some calls have to be so difficult ?

    When I pulled the motor & bracket out, it was sparking where it mounts.

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    Wow! Tricky one! Good diagnostic work!

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    Funny thing is the whole time I wanted to blame the last tech. Thinking what fool wired this thing.
    I need to be less quick to blame and think more on the job at hand.

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