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    Fan Motor stopped running. OEM was AO Smith 1/4 HP 850 RPM 1.3 Amps model F48J66A48. HVAC guy said he didnt have exact OEM..but one with 9 out of 10 requirements. He installed a Emerson 1/4 HP 1.5 Amp PH1 850 RPM. Emerson model # K55HXKWA-9803. A bit concerned 10 mins after the new motor installed- googled the OEM (AO Smith) and found it costs XXX. paid XXX for the Emerson motor and 30 mins labor (4 screws and a plastic plug in wire harness). When I called back HVAC guy to ask for parts/labor info- and that I found the OEM (AO Smith) motor for XXX - I was told it was prob rebuilt at that price and that the Emerson installed for me was new. Called Grainger and other http://www. parts place and confirmed they sell only NEW motors.
    Oh, tech said he replaced caps at no extra charge.
    What are caps?
    Why can I not find the Emerson model number K55HXKWA-9803 listed anywhere? I want to compare specs and also need to know if it could be a rebuilt?
    Is XXX% mark up normal here?

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    >>>No pricing<<<

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    caps - short for capacitors. Some single phase motors require start and/or run caps depending on design. The voltage across a capacitor can't change instantaneously, therefore they act like a momentary switch for the start winding which gets the motor going in the right direction. Much cheaper than mechanical clutches. If the motor is replaced, the cap should be replaced and they generally are not included in the price of the motor.

    Rebuild not generally worth it for HP < 1. >5 usually yes.

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    Hey I could of sworn I saw this thread in General Discussion then it was moved to Residential and then deleted. Now it is back to life again.

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    That also included his dianostic charge.

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    Did you learn the price before or after the motor was replaced?
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    Thread closed.

    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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