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Thread: Fieldpiece

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    Well I cannot say the DC 'vigorously' gives data... however it DOES give data on a predictable basis... something many other electronic test gadgets do NOT do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RussellHarju View Post
    Is there any way to purchase just the RCT2 test leads because I already have everything else that comes in the ADK7 kit when I bought the hs36 but would really like the long thin probes for getting into the backs of stakons, plugs etc.

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    After 6 years in the trade using UEI meters i purchased my first Fieldpiece product, the sc77, love everything about the meter except short leads and no magnet. Meter operation is flawless! since that day i have slowly added more FP products to my service van due to the excellent customer service i have received. Today i received a box full of new tools.
    Sman4, HG3, extra et2w, extra dual temp head, and a few more heads. I now put all of my trust in FP instruments because they stand behind them and i have yet to get a false reading from any FP product.
    Thanks for the great tools and a big thanks for the great customer service, you make my job easier and safer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by northstarair View Post
    I'm leaning towards the 77.
    Great meter. I own a couple of them.

    I just got the 56.... leagues better than the 77 IMHO i strongly recommend the 56
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