I just want to let everyone know that we at Fieldpiece appreciate and pay attention to the comments and feedback on this site. We understand how important your tools and test equipment are for your trade and are dedicated to make HVACR products you can trust. If that trust wavers, we stand behind our products 100% and strive to handle any issues that arise as fast and as professionally as possible.

On another note, sometimes we tune out of threads if the content turns to mud slinging or other less constructive detours. If you have some feedback or a question or a concern, I recommend calling or sending either Russ or me a message. We might miss things if they are buried in a thread.

For the most part, the guys that are willing to take the time to do research and participate in communities such as this are at the top of the heap and care the most about their trade and doing quality work. That's why we pay attention.