Went out on a york call today. With unit off pressures read, lo 28 & hi 58. It was about 85 out. Started the unit up and the liquid line started to freeze all the way to the evap coil.

I shot some r22 in and the liquid line thawed out immediately. Unit was blowing off plenty of heat but pressures would not seperate. There was about 20 degrees difference. I stopped adding r22 and the pressure started dropping, as if a major leak.

I pull the disconnect to listen for a leak. No leak outside. The pressures had dropped to about 28 lo, & 48 hi, just before pulling the disconnect.

After the disconnect was pulled , the pressures rose to 151 lo & 161 hi.

I reinserted the disconnect and the pressure pulled down to 50 lo & 73 hi, in just about 3 minutes.

The compressor was having some trouble, kind of like shuddering just a little, a couple of times.

The o.s. unit is a york stellar series s# wfnm026603, m# h4db030s06a.

The inside coil was a s# efws305045, m# g-ut037sa, central cooling.

What is going on?