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    new ac DD blower motor run without run capacitor

    I purchased a 1/3HP motor to replace my current motor that died. New one required a run Capacitor which I forgot to order but was able to run for 1 full day, now the motor is hot and not working. Is this because I ran it without the run capacitor? I now have the correct capacitor but it was locked up overnight/all day and won't start.

    It's currently off, hoping letting it cool will allow it to start. or did I kill the motor?

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    That is sad...motor may be toast...

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    I'm assuming let it cool for a bit then try to start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by justinm001 View Post
    I'm assuming let it cool for a bit then try to start?
    Depending on how warm it is where you are you may want to get another motor. The start windings could be fried

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    It's working!!! seems to be running fine but i'm not sure if it was damaged

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