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    My heat pump compressor will start and run for three seconds and suction line will get cold than it shuts off for twenty seconds than restarts for three seconds and continue to do this until it shuts of on internal overload.
    The unit is a Goodman with indoor unit being a janitrol.
    outdoor unit model #cph36-1fb.
    Things noted:
    evap coil is not frozen, appears normal
    air filter is clean
    indoor blower working
    tstat operates outside contactor to start compressor and fan, however compressor cycles as above while condensor fan works normally. Contactor does not cycle, it stays energized. Last maintenance done was to add freon last year.
    Unit was maintaining indoor temp of seventy four degrees until I decided to go outside and inspect. All I did was remove the access cover to look at compressor, when it started to cycle and now it will not maintain indoor temp at all. I thought I might have disturbed something when I removed cover. There is 225 volts at contactor.

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    Call a technician for service. There are multiple things that can cause this.

    Just out of curiosity what were you inspecting if the system was operating normally?

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    If your contactor is staying energized and the compressor starts, either it is tripping overload or losing power. Since the outdoor fan motor doesn’t miss a beat it is more than likely the overload.
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    Your best bet is to shut it down completely NOW. Although it has an internal temp limit,it is not good to repeatedly use it.It's there as a safety to warn of problems.You've been warned so save yourself some grief and shut it off.The compressor running for a few seconds isn't running long enough to cool anything. Call your regular tech out and see what he has to say about it.

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    I had a call today w/ the same problem. The compressor was locking up. Looks like you need a new compressor.
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