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    Don't fence me in

    So we apparently building a fence along the Mexican border to stop or slow down illegals. Well its seems they have been adapting. The drug dealers have been digging tunnels for years and more are being discovered.
    It doesn't appear to me that we are winning the war on drugs. The number 1 drug being smuggled is Marijuana. IMHO, pot needs to be legalized, especially for those that need it for medicinal purposes. Pot could be taxed, which would bring in more revenue for states.

    I guess if you don't agree, than maybe we should dig a moat.
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    Actually, I agree with legalizing small quantities of pot.

    We learned during prohibition (or we should have learned) folks will do as they please... legally or not. May as well get tax revenue from it.

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    I suppose....I just think people are dumb enough here all ready.

    A lot of pot comes from California and Canada fact, Im pretty sure all 30 million people in Canada smoke the hippie lettuce every day. Why else would they think the way they do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaard View Post
    I guess if you don't agree, than maybe we should dig a moat.
    Texas has a moat, the Rio Grande.

    Doesn't seem to slow 'em down much.
    Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense.

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