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    Bacharach informant 2 or h10?

    Looking to get a new leak detector...and soon. Currently have inficon tek mate and I can't stand it. Can't find consistent leaks half the time and just don't trust it. I really like the ability of the informant being able to search refrigerant and combustibles. Heard a lot of good things about the h10 but another tech at my company said he had issues with his after some time due to bouncing around in van. Anybody else have same issue with the H10? Has anybody used both and have results to compare? Thanks

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    Have owned a bacharach 2 for a couple years,,,,nothing bad in my experience. Just remember, if you find a leak, it resets itself to a less sensitive setting so you can pinpoint the leak that it detected. You'll need to reboot it to continue looking for a leak in another area.
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