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    Refrig Tech Checkmate

    Look at what I found today.

    Anyone using this?
    Looks like a good product compared to what is currently available..

    What do you guys think? I saw 1 price online 122 for the kit.

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    I had one and it worked well. The issue was getting the replacement vials that were not expired. Don't recall the exact times but shelf life is something like 30 days in the van or 6 months when refrigerated. The last 3 refills ordered either were already expired or were about to in a few days. Threw it in the brass scrap pile . That was years ago so maybe things are better now.

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    The acid and oil tubes will last a year or more in a van. If you keep the RT751 MOISTURE DETECTOR tubes in a refrigerator until you need it, they will also last a year or more. Most suppliers keep the tubes on a hot shelf and they only last 3 months. All Refrigerant Technologies items are made in the USA.


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