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    Fluke 54 II Weird readings.

    I have two Fluke 54 II Temperature meters, with a total of four pipe clamp K temperature sensors. Both meters were giving me strange readings on a lines that were 186 F and lines that were 108 F. I was getting readings, up to 400+ F then down to the mid 70s Also I started getting negative readings. I gave up on the meters, after spending way to much time fiddling with them. Then magically they started working. Anyone have a clue as to why?

    BTW I was working on two ALR McQuay chillers, nothing fancy on them that could cause interference.
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    Why would you think it wasn't interference? Seems like it was for all of them to act up and all start working again. Could have come from anything. If you have them hooked up to something with a known temp you could walk around with the meters until you found what it was.
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