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    Warren Sherer Dairy Case D6

    I have WS case model number D6 - It has 2 different Grills that the air comes out of.

    I can feel the cold air coming from the inner grill but i feel no air on the outer grill. All the fans are working. I am guessing this outer grill suppose to have some kind of air curtain to prevent the cold air from leaving the case?

    Or am i missing something?

    i know its prob a really old case. But there are people here that know this info as they have been in the industry so long.

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    Take a look at the cross section drawing on p.12 of this manual:

    It shows there are two ducts running up the back of the case to the honeycombs. One is refrigerated and the other is non-refrigerated.

    The best way to check for proper airflow is with a good air velocity meter. If it's low, the honeycombs may be dirty or possibly the duct is blocked.

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