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Thread: Turbo torch?

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    Hey guys......has anyone used the Lennox version of the Acet/air torch? Any suggestion on a good place to buy this or a Turbo torch?

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    I always but torch stuff at welding suppliers. Bigger selection, and more accessories.

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    We had one of the "swing" tube design with ignitor in the middle of the tube given to our program for students to use. Lasted about 2 months then developed a leak. Student got pretty excited seeing flames come out so close to his hand. Don't think I've ever buy one.
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    i have always used a turbo torch well for as long as i can remember and i love them and all mine have the ignitor in the middle its the only kind i buy, never a problem, now however thinking of also haveing an oxy&accet set for things like RV and TXV'S but as for comps and most common leaks i love my turbo torch
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