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Thread: R410-A flaring

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    Rule of thumb: 45 degree flares are for oil and minisplits, 37 degree are automotive. The yj tool will work for anything you have to do.

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    I use a single flare 45 degree angle block flaring tool for oil. It has lasted me 13 years so far. It is a Ridgid ratcheting type.
    I bought a 45 degree angle Rothenbeger for double flares in case I run into replacing a suction line filters on AC where I might get a burnout. I tested it and took a little bit to get good at making the flare but haven't used it in the field yet.

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    As mentioned in other posts, you don't need a new flaring tool, but it is nice to have. It's so much easier and fool proof. I use the FT800FN CPS R-410A Clutch Type Concentric Flaring Tool http://www.centurytool.net/R_410A_Cl...cpsft800fn.htm

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    Saw flared fittings hold 3000 PSI plus in Aircraft I think we are safe.
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    gotta go through the steps to get a good flare. ALWAYS ream the tube before you flare...if not, you get a lip that will leak. it just takes some practice to get a nice wide, yet even flare.

    also, put a little oil on the back of the flare before tightening.....

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