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    Third City files in Kalifornia

    243 Million in bond debt,over 46 million in pension obligations,wow just wow.
    Democratic Socialism at its best.

    Ms. Whitney is spot on,only her timing was off.

    Borrow and spend,spend and borrow.

    You either make government work for you,or the other choice is debt forever,serving the government.

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    coming to a city near you

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    The pension and healthcare costs hae been a killer. Most municipal employees wroudn hte contry are on unions. They've demanded 2-3% wage increases throughout the recession, when most everyoen elsewhere is gettign squat and happy to have a job, but on hte back end it's 10%+ increase in peniosn and helthcare costs each year.

    Union workers should be required to recieve a competle breakdown of all compensation, direct and benefits, then let them negotiate and increase based on those costs. Include unemployment insuranec and workmans comp too. So if a fellow "brother" is milking the system, they all pay, not just the taxpayers.

    I was on our local city council for 2-1/2 year. Drove me nuts the raises we felt forced into giving. I voted no on a couple "pencil whip" type votes reafirming wages increases per contracts just to make a point.

    THe EPA will nearly have the city bankrupt within 20 years seperating sewers if they have their way. Not that I don't supprot sanitary and storm sewers being seperate, but i think you can grandfather 80+ year old sewer systems when during storm events (the only times it discharges to the river) you cannot even measure any rise in organic mateiral over background levels in a section of river where nobody swims anyway.


    I just love how citizens pass perfectly good well intending laws liek the clean air act, then lawmakers and government agencies get ahold of it and run amoke and force policies that the citizens do not support.

    So how do we go about taking powers away form the feds and sending most of it back to the states like IMO the way it was intended.

    Of course that won't help those in lala land of California.

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