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    hello skrewdriver spent 30 years in az still hold my phx lic there know in oh ,i hit those coils evap coil cleaner few cans also spray water bottles in those tuff location hey tailler freezer sales and service co i still talk to roy the service manager from time totime there good help there the hoshi rep.the best ice machne out ther .i apeace of work ice o matic kick me .bad txv then bad psi switch then weak compressor only 7 y. putting in new one i bid hoshi stupped wont to go back to same nightmare' i miss az .also rses hold education meeting out there say hi to parry anderson for me he is chapter president . also tailer freezer hold realy good shools on hoshi bring your stomech threy will feed you;stay cool .

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    Most important thing with ice ...

    Clean-Clean-Clean and make sure full water flow over the evap coils.

    Hoshizaki uses water volume used to determine harvest, so make sure all distributor tubes are clear and even the little cups that the water runs into from the distributor tubes.

    In the future, first thing to do when you meet an ice machine - Clean it! And clean it good! Do not listen to anyone else's diagnosis. Similar to HVAC work, you really can't do subcool or superheat until you verify airflow. So the guy that tells you it must be low on gas because the suction is so low, the first thing you do is check airflow.

    So the first thing on ice machines is check water flow.
    Can someone please explain to me -
    Why is there never enough time to do it right the first time, but plenty of time to do it twice?

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