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    Garage made Commercial ERV

    has anybody heard of Pool Enviromental?
    I have a customer that has 9 rooftop erv units that provide cooling for 3 schools. These systems are utilizing hitachi vfds for every motor possible. They were install a couple years ago and have never worked since. So my question is this, is there anybody out there that has worked on either this companies ervs and if so do they work. second im looking for a professional that has worked on either carriers ervs or AAon ervs. so that they may be able to tell me how they are doing it so that i may apply the same theorys to these ervs. Are they using exvs instead of txvs, are they using accumulators. do they ramp up or ramp down the condencer fans to control head pressure depending on outside air. there are so many questons i have with this unit and no answers. there is no book there is no tech support. iv talk to the owner, its not good. but none the less these systems need to be operating. so i need any info you got.

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    Ive worked on Aaons and Ive got a large Munters.

    Experience on similar units cam only get a guy so far if there is no literature or parts support.

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    first what color does a smurf turn

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    do aaons vari the speed of the condencer fans off of head pressure

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