Could someone who owns a Robinair 14010A Thermistor vacuum gauge unscrew their bulb (not the sensor, but the light bulb) and read (probably need a magnifier) the number on the bulb ? (I am hoping for Voltage and Amp marking or a MFR part number - and not the Robinair 17161 part number). Mine gauge is not working due to dead bulb (circuit goes THROUGH the bulb to function !) . Replacement bulb NOT locally available. Called Robinair regional distributor, and they said "not in stock, and not available at factory until 18 July - so - 2 weeks delivery." I emailed Robinair and they said ( nice FAST reply) "not available until 18 July". So I emailed again, asking for alternate part number for the bulb, and they replied (fast again) "we don't know". Thanks to anyone here for any help.