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    Uploaded the DX program into my GX9100 tool and traced back to the PID loop from the AO. I doubled the value on the PB on the data 2 page.
    Works like a champ! No more chasing, it's a mellow, nice loop now.

    Thanks for all the input and discussion of the DX9100. We have probably close to a 100 if not more in our school district. They will not all be replaced anytime soon so I better get up on it.

    I've heard of the 2 week class but I also hear the district doesn't have the money for the class plus per diem, so it looks like its up to me to learn as much as I can. We work with a couple of great contractors who aren't shy about sharing. I also look up the lit in the JCI products page. This challenges concentration as it is some pretty dry reading.

    I agree that the DX9100 is tedious but also limitless. I learned programming via Visio with Java objects, and am a sparky by trade who's use to ladder diagrams with relay logic. It seems counterintuitive to have Load be normally closed and Load Not to be normally open when it looks like the exact opposite!


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    I maintain a lot of DX9100's in this area that were installed by other companies years ago and not maintained. Our biggest problem is it seems like nothing is labeled in them. It makes life a lot easier to maintain the program if you at least name the inputs, outputs, aco's & dco's

    They can do quite a bit but remember you can only have 12 blocks due to lack of memory so sometimes a lot of programing tricks to share PID's or other blocks is needed to meet the customers needs which leads to difficult to understand programming.

    But as a standalone controller they work good if they do what you want and don't touch them.


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