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Thread: on the beach

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    on the beach

    Can anyone recomend a condensing unit that will hold up well against the salt air?

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    Some mfg's make model specifically desiged for "coastal service". I know Carrier has two seperate models in their Inifinity line for example.

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    I live within 1/4 mile of the North Atlantic and both install and service HVAC equipment all along the beach. Overall, I'd say any special treatments on equipment we've installed would be a waste of money. In fact, I've seen more damage from wind than salt air. I've seen several units that lack louvered sides with ocean side aluminum fins chewed right down to the copper, very similar to what a male dog does when stripping the aluminum off copper fins.

    All that said, the ferry boats that ply the North Atlantic from our local communities to Boston several times each day, have settled on Trane as their preferred brand. They claim to get greater longevity. Don't think you can get closer to the 'beach' than that!
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    U can get any treated with harisite

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