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AStudent, there's no fight....I'm right.....

I would not take advantage of you by fighting with you when you are so obviously unarmed.

Homosexuals are not oppressed as much as they are oppressive to others. We all have our biases, but we must be tolerant of one another. Homosexuals are not tolerant people because they feel the need to recruit others to their lifestyle while degrading theological beliefs of others.

I do not care what anyone does in privacy, I really don't, so why do homosexuals want to keep showing me what they do? I don't want to know about how you like your partner to blow on your belly button while you play taps on their butt crack....I really don't need to know that. So why do I have to constantly be exposed to homosexual behaviour that has no place in public?

I must say that there are a few homosexual couples I am acquanted with who have more solid and stable relationships than many married heterosexual couples I know. While I don't particularly agree with their lifestyle, I appreciate these persons as good, solid citizens which whom I can relate to other than their sexual preferences. And yes, it is pretty obvious these folks are homosexual, but not in any offensive way.

I also am acquanted with persons men who are very effeminine but not homosexual. So I don't judge others unless they are offensive in their actions.
Don't women always think they are right? I swear my wife says the same thing.

I've met very few homosexuals who are in your face about it, having to tell the whole world about it, very very few.

Maybe it's a location problem....where I'm from gay people just act like nothings different, with the exception of a few....and in that respect there are more annoying straight people than there are annoying gay people in my opinion...at least gays had to learn to shut their mouths or else they may get dragged through town behind a 4x4.

Like I said...it's probably just a location issue...if you are from a big city then no wonder....you should expect crazy things to go on, or maybe you are out with a pair of binoculars peering through the bushes to catch them in the act?